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A global cotton company that is mindful of people and the earth.

We are a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor in the world of cotton-based cosmetics, everyday household materials, and medical and sanitary products. Driven by the desire to deliver our safe and reliable cotton products across the world as part of the global standard and with our belief in new possibilities for cotton, we tirelessly continue to challenge ourselves in an effort to bring benefit to the people and our planet.

  • About us

    About us

    Our strength lies in our ability to carry out the entire manufacturing process, from imports of material to product development.

  • Quality


    We contribute to society by actively engaging in efforts to ensure quality. One way we do this is to obtain certifications relating to quality and the environment.

  • Environmental initiatives

    Environmental initiatives

    We have a steadfast interest in the preservation of the environment.

  • About OEM

    About OEM

    OEM is available for many products. Please feel free to contact us about it.

  • To medical personnel

    To medical personnel

    OEM is also available for medical products. Please feel free to contact us about it.

  • About overseas business

    About overseas business

    We are actively engaged in channel expansion for overseas markets as well as in obtaining international certifications.