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1.Community Service

As part of our volunteer activities, we carry out cleaning efforts in our neighborhood, such as cutting grass and collecting trash, on a regular basis.

2.Striving for Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions: Separating trash → A guideline we set up in order to protect our environment.

From waste to RPF fuel

Since April 2013, based on our Marusan Environmental Statement and in order to realize the efficient use of resources, we established a recycling system in which industrial wastes are reused as fuel.
By introducing this recycling system, we made it possible for waste materials to be utilized as resources, which contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emission and to the creation of renewable energy. The RPF pellets made by Ikazaki Industry are solid forms of fuel that are environmentally friendly and create great power.

About the manufacturing system of RPF pellets

Industrial wastes that can be recycled to make RPF pellets

Paper waste, vinyl tapes, waste cotton, soft plastics, PP strapping bands, nylon, aluminum film, etc.

3.Energy-saving efforts

Keeping the temperature of air-conditioners within a certain range contributes to the protection of the environment.

Summertime: 28℃ or higher
Wintertime: 20℃ or lower

※The above set temperature ranges are subject to change depending on working conditions.

Purpose ⇒ Reduction of electricity consumption, prevention of global warming
⇒ Achievement of quality and environmental conservation targets