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Living with cotton, exploring new markets for cotton, and developing cotton in the 21st century.

Nonwoven cotton fabric manufacturer

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Ever since our establishment, we have consistently poured our efforts into expanding our business by developing and distributing hygiene products under the motto, “create, challenge, and contribute to society.” Through our management policy that focuses on creativity, we have grown to become one of the most advanced companies in Japan.

We handle a wide variety of cotton products, from cosmetic pads to medical gauze. Our 100% cotton nonwoven fabric “Miracle Cotton” in particular offers an example of our nonwoven technology that is unparalleled throughout the world. Our business area continues to expand to many regions across the globe.


Name 丸三産業株式会社
Establishment October 27, 1948
Capital 290 million yen

Motohiro Kikuchi, Representative Director & President
Junkichi Okayama, Senior Managing Director
Tateo Shimizu, Managing Director
Tooru Fujimoto, Director
Hideyuki Watanabe, Director
Tomokatsu Takiguchi, Director
Kimitaka Kikuchi, Adviser
Yuji Okamoto, Auditor

Settlement period February (once a year)
Business contents Importing and processing of cotton and organic cotton, and manufacturing and distribution of cotton hygiene materials and products
Number of employees 700 (group as a whole)
Main banks The Iyo Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Japan Finance Corporation, Development Bank of Japan
Affiliate Ehime Mokuro Kogyo Co., Ltd., MCT Saijo Co., Ltd., Harumi Corporation, Eco Products Co., Ltd., Cotton Labo Co., Ltd., DAISAN Co., Ltd., Emininaru Insurance LLC
Main products sold Absorbent cotton, cosmetic pads, sterilized cotton, nonwoven cotton fabric, cotton swabs, cleansing cotton, tea bags, various nonwoven materials, oil absorbents, bleached cotton,  nonwoven gauze, industrial wipes
Main products

Various nonwoven cotton products including absorbent cotton, cosmetic pads, sterilized cotton, cleansing cotton, tea bags, oil absorbents, bleached cotton

Main sales destination Aeon Topvalu Co., Ltd.; Iwatsuki Co., Ltd.; Osaki Medical Corporation; Shiseido Company, Limited; Kawamoto Corporation; Daiei Co., Ltd.; Hakujuji Co., Ltd.; Hakuzo Medical Corporation; Marubeni Corporation; Unitika Ltd. and more (list arranged in Japanese syllabary order)
Primary business partners Itochu Corporation; Seki Co., Ltd.; Zenno & Co., Ltd.; Soda Nikka Co., Ltd.; Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.: Tomen Corporation; Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.; Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Shoji Packaging Corporation; Murakami Co., Ltd; Yamachu Mengyo Co., Ltd.; Unitika Ltd. and more (list arranged in Japanese syllabary order)


1941 May Began operations as a business located in Yawatahama City, manufacturing mulberry fiber cotton as a factory operating under the direction of the Navy, supplying military clothing spun from cotton and other mixed fibers.
1948 October Established as “MARUSAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD.” under new management, continuing all operations related to cotton spinning, woven fabric towels, dyeing, and hygiene materials (absorbent cottons, gauze, etc.) manufacturing, etc.
1963 February Began manufacturing sanitary napkins.
1970 April Established a manufacturing plant for sanitary napkins in Tokunomori, Ozu City and moved this department from the head office in Yawatahama City to this plant due to increased sales volumes.
December Developed a sanitary napkin containing activated carbon to eliminate odors, and obtained a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
1972 January Devised a sanitary napkin with adhesive tape and co-developed equipment for manufacturing it with Nitto Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Obtained the first manufacturing license for adhesive-backed sanitary napkins in Japan from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
February Added a cosmetics pad manufacturing plant to the Ozu Plant location and began manufacturing dual sided press-type cosmetic pads.
1978 July Acquired Orion Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd., located in Fuchu City, Tokyo. Established a sterilized cotton plant within the Yawatahama Plant site.
1985 September Established Myu Products Co., Ltd. within the Ozu Plant site as a joint investment with Shiseido Co., Ltd. and began manufacturing sanitary napkins.
October Newly established a plant in Ikazaki-cho, Kita-gun and consolidated all absorbent cotton manufacturing facilities to set up an end-to-end production system that covers everything from scouring processes to absorbent cotton production. Additionally, newly established manufacturing facilities for nonwoven fabric cotton using a water jet system.
1986 August Established thermal bonded nonwoven fabric manufacturing facilities within the Ozu Plant site.
1989 December Relocated Orion Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. from Yawatahama to the Ozu Plant site and began operations in January 1990.
1990 June Installed the variety of processing equipment necessary and began full-fledged production of dry gauze using 100% nonwoven cotton fabric.
1993 September Introduced a robotics system into the makeup cotton manufacturing process.
1997 March Introduced a robotics system for cut cotton in the absorbent cotton manufacturing process.
1998 June Newly established a manufacturing line and began production of enclosed type cotton pads (“Silky”).
2000 August Began distribution of the Oil Hunter®.
September Established a new alcohol absorbent cotton manufacturing plant within the Ikazaki Plant.
2003 February Rebuilt the absorbent cotton manufacturing plant and offices within the Ikazaki Plant.
2005 February Newly established and began production at a needle-punch process plant in Uwa-cho, Seiyo City.
November Acquired ISO9001 certification for designing, manufacturing, and distribution of bleached cotton.
2006 November Expanded the scope of ISO9001 certification to include original fabrics and facial cotton pads.
2007 June Selected as one of the “300 Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs in 2007.”
2008 January Marusan Industry’s mulch sheet is accredited by Ehime Prefecture as an outstanding recycled product.
July Established MCT Saijo Co., Ltd. in Saijo City.
November Scope of ISO9001 certification expanded to include general medical devices, medicines, and quasi-medicines.
2009 April Introduced eco-friendly ozone bleaching equipment into the Ikazaki Plant.
2010 November Established a basic agreement towards a business partnership with Daisan Co., Ltd.
November Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2011 April Established UMCT Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Unitika Ltd.
July Began using RPF boilers in the Ikazaki Plant (and completely switched to RDF boilers the following year) as a move towards achieving a zero-emissions operation environment.
November Began operations of the sales company Cotton Labo Co., Ltd., established under a joint investment with Hakugen Co., Ltd.
2012 November Reconstructed the Ozu Plant, newly establishing overseas-focused cosmetics and enclosed facial pad lines and relocating/consolidating the quality assurance and inspection departments to the plant.
2013 January Acquired BRC certification (Ozu Factory, enclosed type facial pads).
March Installed solar panels (equivalent to 280 kw) at the Ozu Plant and began selling electricity.
2014 June All shares of Daisan Co., Ltd. were acquired, making it a 100%-owned subsidiary.
August All shares of Cotton Labo Co., Ltd. were acquired, making it a 100%-owned subsidiary.
September Acquired GOTS certification.
October Installed solar panels (equivalent to 270 kw) at the MCT Saijo Co., Ltd. Plant and began selling electricity.
2015 January Business merger of Orion Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
July Expanded manufacturing facilities for pouch-type medical products.
October Acquired NSF certification (Ozu Factory, facial pads production line).
2016 February Added solar panels, expanding power-generation capacity.
February Began full-scale operations of newly installed production lines for sliver and cotton yarn.
2017 February High-concentration organic waste water treatment plant (EGSB) operation begins.
April Established Emininaru Insurance LLC.
May Alcohol cotton manufacturing line operation begins at newly constructed Ozu Plant.
2018 April Ikazaki Plant alcohol cotton manufacturing line operation begins at Ozu Plant after relocation.
September Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Transfer of Kochi Factory
2019 February Commemorative party held to celebrate 70th anniversary of the company creation(ANA Crowne Plaza Matsuyama).
September Nonwoven fabric production line started operation in Konan Plant(Kochi Pref).
2020 January Bleached cotton production line started operation in Konan Plant.
2022 July Established Tokunomori Warehouse in Tokunomori.Ozu City.