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About OEM

We have provided a great number of clients with a wide variety of cotton products. By drawing on our years of experience and know-how, we have the capability to accept, carry out, and meet a wide range of requests from our customers.

Flow of OEM manufacturing

STEP1. Let us know the details of your planSTEP1.お話・ご提案をいただく

Sales representatives will meet with you to hear your requests and detailed product specifications.

STEP2.試作・お見積りをご提示させていただくSTEP2.We will submit a quotation and trial product

Product design department will make cost calculations based on the presented specifications. For medical products that require approval from the authorities, our quality assurance department will take the necessary procedural steps.

STEP3.生産体制の構築STEP3.We will set up a production plan

We will arrange a production system according to specifications, which may include materials procurement, manufacturing equipment preparations, and quality control.

STEP4.Full production

We will manufacture, inspect, and deliver the products.

About product case


Bleached cotton
Nonwoven Fabric Cotton Spunlace nonwoven fabric (range: 25gsm-250gsm), embossed cotton fabric, needle-punched fabric
Product Drugs, Quasi-drugs Alcohol wipes (box, pouch), sterilized cotton
Medical devices Absorbent cotton, medical gauze
Cosmetics Cotton pads (enclosed type, square type, side-sealed type, peelable type), face mask
Business supplies Oil absorbent pads, industrial wipes