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Organization chart / Business contents

Ever since our establishment, we have consistently been committed to developing, manufacturing, and distributing to the world high-quality hygienic products made with cotton and organic cotton.

Organization Chart

Business contents

Administrative Division

・ General affairs group (labor management, company rule revision, legal affairs, general affairs, etc.)
・ Human resources group (recruitment, education, personnel related)
・Financial Affairs Group (accounting, budget control, etc.)
・System Administration Group (computer management, server maintenance, in-house systems building, etc.)
・Cost Management Group (value analysis control, etc.)
・Planning production and control sales group(sales and production control and purchasing various materials)

Sales Divisions

Sales department for the medical industry (First Sales Department)

 ・Promote sales of medical products
 ・Promote sales of industrial materials
   New materials and new products planning
   New business development
   Market research

Sales department for the cosmetic industry (Second Sales Department)

 ・Promote sales of cosmetic products
 ・Promote sales of cotton materials to manufacturers
 ・Promotion activities for overseas companies
   New materials and products planning
   New business development
   Market research

Third Sales Department

 ・Mainly with overseas sales In charge of raw cotton procurement

Sales Support Group (clerical work)

Ecology Operation Department

・Resources recycling products planning and distribution
・Environmental protection from oil spills (product: The Oil Hunter®)
・Promotion of environmentally-friendly agricultural practices (product: mulch sheets)

R&D Group

・Product development, Process development, Research of various test methods, Product formulation research, Patent management

Quality assurance department

・Quality assurance group(quality assurance, safety management, handling complaint, customer service)
・Quality control group(Product inspection test, etc)

Manufacturing divisions

・Ikazaki factory(Manufacturing Bleached Cotton・Non woven・Cosmetic puff・Absorbent cotto・Alcohol swab)
・Ikazaki clerical group
・MCT Saijo factory(Manufacturing Non woven and slitting process)
・MCT Saijo quality control group
・MCT Saijo clerical group
・MCT Saijo technical expert group
・Ozu factory(Manufacturing Tea bags・Cosmetic puff・Sterilized cotton・Alcohol swab of box and pouch type)
・Ozu clerical group
・Seiyo factory(Manufacturing malch sheet and Oil hunter)
・Seiyo clerical group
・Engineering group(Managing a production facility and optimization of the production process)
・Production engineer
・Product design group(design and trial new product, set up first production of new item)

Internal auditing section

ISO promotion office