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Cotton embossed non-woven fabric

About Cotton embossed non-woven fabric

Embossed cotton is a nonwoven 100% cotton fabric made by embossing absorbent cotton sheets.
Marusan Industry has acquired a patent for this manufacturing process.

Patent Patent 1556402

Characteristics of embossed cotton non-woven cotton fabric

Characteristics of embossed non-woven cotton fabric
Compactness realized by compression.
Takes up less space compared to conventional absorbent cotton.
Less lint due to not using adhesive materials.
Thinness of the embossed cotton allows for the longer winding length than absorbent cotton, which provides you cost advantage.
Has excellent water absorption and water holding ability, and diffusivity.
Highly biodegradable, and therefore, serves as an eco-friendly product.
Can be put through various types of sterilizing treatments.

Applications of the embossed cotton Absorbent cotton (for medical use), sterilized cotton, sanitary napkins, absorbent material for adult diapers, cosmetic pads, industrial materials.

The manufacturing process of the embossed cotton

The webs are pressed in between heated embossing rollers, embedding specific designs.

Specifications of the embossed cotton

Absorbent cotton compressed with embossing rollers.

Weight 60-250 gsmg/m2
Material primarily 100% cotton
Patterns of the emboss design

Pins: dotted pattern
Hexagonal: patterns of circles with diameter of about 1mm
Crystal: pattern of hexagons, of small crystal shapes
N pattern: rhombus-shaped pattern

Applications absorbent cotton (for medical use), sterilized cotton, sanitary napkins, industrial materials, etc.