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Cotton spun lace non-woven fabric

What is “Miracle Cotton ® “?

A Spunlace nonwoven fabric made with the first absorbent cotton (100% cotton) developed in Japan by Marusan Industry. It is a gauze-like nonwoven material made by entangling the fibers using a water jet and no binders. It is an environmentally-friendly material that is very soft on the skin and is an excellent soil remover.

Characteristics of cotton spunlaced nonwoven

Has excellent moisture and water absorbency and water retention properties.
Soft feel on the skin.
Excellent ability to remove water and oil.
Minimal lint or piling.
Is safe as it does not easily retain static electricity. Can be put through various types of sterilization treatments.

  • Household goods (wet towels, wet wipes, dish clothes, sanitary napkins)
    Miscellaneous goods (cosmetic pads, cosmetic gauzes, face masks)
    Travel supplies (disposable underwear)
    Medical supplies (masks, adhesive bandages)
    Industrial supplies (industrial-use materials, agricultural-use materials, wiping cloths)

Manufacturing process of the “Miracle Cotton” (spun-laced non-woven fabric)

Fibers are entangled using a water jet, and therefore, no binder is used.

Manufacturing process


The cotton web is intertwined by high pressure water without using any adhesive.
Since the surface of the cotton is prepared using only the power of water, it is a gentle process which does not damage the fibers. While maintaining the softness of cotton fibers, it suppresses fluffing and gives a soft texture which is gentle to the skin.

Specifications of “Miracle Cotton”

“Miracle Cotton” is broadly classified into two types according to the manufacturing methods of sheets.

Cross layer type non-woven fabric
Weight: 25-130gsm
Material: Primarily 100%cotton but blending with other fibers is also available.
Applications: Top sheet for cosmetic pads, Wet tissues​, Medical and industrial wipers.
Note: Fibers are entangled with each other by using a high-pressure water jet. Aspect ratio of tensile strength between MD and CD is balance 1:1.
Parallel- type non-woven fabric
Weight: 20-250gsm
Material:  Primarily 100% cotton
Applications: Cosmetic pads, Absorbent cotton for medical use, Alcohol swabs, Sterilized cotton, etc.​
Remarks: Fibers are entangled with each other by using low-pressure water jet.​
Note: While the tensile strength in CD is inferior to that of MD, the appearance looks beautiful as the fibers are well-oriented and aligned in the MD direction. Soft touch to the skin and less minimal lint.