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Medical gauze

About medical non-woven gauze.

The absorbent cotton is primarily used in a medical setting, mainly for such purposes as stopping bleeding and absorbing body fluids.

Medical gauze had originally been handled as a “pharmaceutical product,” but in April 2004, it became categorized as a “medical device.”
While most of the medical gauzes on the market are woven with threads, those manufactured by Marusan are processed using nonwoven spun-lace material.

What’s Medical non-woven gauze?

Generic name medical gauze (CODE: 13700000)
Classified as general medical device (class-I)
Definition An instrument made mainly of gauze that is used for such medical purposes as stopping bleeding, absorbing fluids, and protecting injuries from dryness and infection.

Specification of medical gauze

Weight 20gsm or more
Material 100% cotton
Size maximum of 300mm×360mm
Foldable layers folded in half, in four, in eight, etc.
Nonwoven mesh 10 mesh, 25 mesh,50 mesh, 90 mesh, etc.

Medical products (Nonwoven wiper)

Primarily used for removing moisture and dirt on machines and devices.
Marusan is able to meet various demands in sizes, thicknesses, and folds.

Weight: 20gsm or more
Material cotton, rayon
Size maximum of 300mm×360mm
Foldable layers maximum of 300mm×360mm
Nonwoven mesh 10 mesh, 25 mesh, 50 mesh, 90 mesh, etc.