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Oil absorbent cotton

Eco and people-friendly oil-absorbent material

Everything on this plane is closely connected with each other, whether the connection is between people, people and society, or society and the earth. “People-friendly” was the original reason for us to start developing this product.

The Oil Hunter

The Oil Hunter is an environmentally friendly absorbent material that features the use of unbleached natural cotton. It has obtained the “Eco-Mark,” the Type I (ISO14024) environmental label only available for products whose usefulness for environmental conservation has been verified.

Cotton from nature, from cotton to products

Cotton is a natural fiber which is very kind to the environment. During its cultivation, it purifies the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. As such, when it is burned, the carbon dioxide that is released is not considered emission (it is carbon-neutral).

Features of Oil absorbent cotton

1. Eco-mark certified product

It is a recyclable product certified by the Eco Mark Office of the Japan Environment Association.

2. Highly economical

Its high-absorbency property contributes to cost reduction.

3. Swiftly absorbs oil even in water

Cotton has a natural coating of wax, which is suitable for repelling water and only absorbing oil.

4. Ability to repel water (will not sink)

Even after absorbing oil, it will not sink in water due to its water-repellent property.

5. Keeps the absorbed oil contained

Absorbed oil remains deep inside the fibers, keeping leakage to a minimum.

6. Works well in freezing temperatures

As cotton is affected very little by air temperature, it maintains its absorbent property even in extremely low temperatures.

7. Easy and safe disposal

The calorific value generated when burned is about half of that of polypropylene. There is also no concern of producing harmful gasses.

8. Very little static electricity

Compared with polypropylene products, cotton produces very little static electricity, and therefore, it is safe for use on flammable oils and is recommended for worksites where static electricity must be avoided.

Example of use

Suitable for oil leakages… ・surrounding machines
・during work
・in a warehouse for waste oil
・catching lubricants and other oils
Suitable for wiping up oils… ・during disassembly of machines
・as a foot-wiping mat at a factory or office
Suitable for preventing oil leaks… ・by wrapping oil pipelines
・by covering the surfaces of machines
・as cushioning material during transportation
Suitable for separating oil and water… ・in an oil spill incident in an ocean or river
・to keep in store in case there is an oil spill incident
・to use for factories’ waste-water drains
・in an oil/water separating tank in a kitchen