About Marusan SangyoA global cotton company that is mindful of people and the earth.

Ever since our establishment, we have poured efforts into expanding our business by developing and distributing hygiene products under the motto "Think, Take Action, and Be Thorough." Grounded in our management policy that focuses on creativity, we have grown to become one of Japan’s most advanced companies.


Business overviewSo that we may provide cotton that brings genuine comfort to your everyday lives.

Cotton products are used in a wide range of daily activities. They are often directly in contact with our skin. We want to bring that soft and gentle feel of cotton directly into your everyday lives. That is why our operation encompasses the entire process that spans the importing of rigorously selected raw materials through the manufacturing of bleached cotton, nonwoven fabric and processed products.

Bleached cotton
Nonwoven Fabric
Processed products
Fabric multi-sheets for agricultural use

Material import / purchase

Marusan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cotton, imports a wide variety of rigorously selected cotton from all over the world.